Welcome to NRG Awareness

NRG Awareness is a simple, creative new way to design the most advanced energy efficient system designs that will work every time, without hassle. Try out the NRG Awareness, easy to use, design service and make your heating ideas and projects come to life!

The NRG Awareness product range and service model was developed with an understanding that not all clients will have the same requirements nor possess the specialized expertise needed to support the enormous amount of energy efficient but complex innovations arriving almost daily in the heating industry marketplace.

The NRG Awareness Goal



Our goal is to become a natural and strategic extension that works with you from initial system concept through to your enjoyment of the heating system and you or your client’s satisfaction with the value for money for the running costs. With you in mind, we’ve deployed three simple approaches that facilitate a ‘Paint-By-Numbers’ approach to heating system design and installation, Customized Solutions, or an Open & Collaborative approach that helps the installation process run smoothly and accelerate the adoption of the best of the new technology for your comfort and economy



We help you to do it

Where you have experience with system planning, zoning, interlinking and the use of multi-pressure heating systems if required as well as a knowledge of appropriate controls selection and installation skills.

We do it with you

Is a highly collaborative approach that works well for clients with initial concepts that would benefit from additional design considerations and input from our experienced system design team. This approach also works well for heating projects with high complexity where additional interdisciplinary skills are required.

We do it for you

Is an approach that is typically used for projects that are more complex where additional technical support is needed. Provide us with a set of predefined specifications and our team will quickly develop design concepts and the necessary tailor made system components for your approval.