The NRG Awareness Project Phases

Phase 1: System Proposal Support

The proposal phase is a critical aspect of a project when the owners are assisted to select the most appropriate heating system and equipment to suit their expectations. During this period, within the project phases, financial and technology choices are decided, with the focus on end-user satisfaction and energy effectiveness.

Proposals and Quotation Information:

  • Project Design Parameters
  • Energy Calculations
  • Control Selection
  • System and Control Schematics
  • Government Incentives
  • Quotation Information

Phase 2: Project Development with Installer Information

Having successfully selected the heating method and equipment with Phase 1, the next step is to decide on the installation contractors, refine and perfect preliminary designs and review primary decisions with a view to maximising the selected contractor’s understanding and installation skills. Following a final review of preliminary design, project development and preparation to complete the project, the NRG Awareness team works closely with the installers to ensure proper design implementation and work coordination.

Final Design Stage:

  • Final Equipment Selection
  • Vendor Decisions and Negotiations
  • Review of Key Material Decisions
  • Project Optimization
  • Creation of Final Installation (ready drawings are required)

At the end of Phase 2, you are ready to move ahead with the installation.

Phase 3: Installation Support

Completion of Phase 1 and 2 signifies the readiness to begin installation of the Heating System. The support of the installation phase focuses on the key aspects of the installation and supervision of the Electrical, Controls and Plumbing works.

During this phase, NRG Awareness provide critical consulting for core skills and resource planning required for a successful implementation of the plan developed in Phase 2.

Installation Support and Materials Monitoring:

  • Material Management
  • Contractor Technical Support
  • Installation and Commissioning Monitoring
  • Installation Stages Assessment
  • Assure Proper Installation of Future Maintenance Measures

Phase 4: End User Training and Support

Following completion of the installation, NRG Awareness works closely with the end-user to provide a good understanding of the complete system and controls assisting the end-user to understand the controls, taking into account occupancy lifestyle and other parameters.

Project Completion:

  • Train End-User on System Usage and Performance Monitoring