Lifetime Guaranteed and Patented Stainless Steel Manifold

The stainless steel manifold and stainless steel piping ups the value game in this sector by its proven track record. Benefits include longevity, units are non-corrosive and hygienic. This is ideal for commercial businesses, such as those in the pharmaceutical and tech sectors, that can’t have downtime and need easy modular repairs.

Benefits of the Stainless Steel Manifold and Piping Systems

  1. Stainless steel pipes are incredibly resistant to corrosion.
  2. This means stainless steel pipes will consistently deliver pure drinking water much longer than other materials that are more prone to corrosion.

  3. Expected lifetime of stainless steel pipes is 50 years.
  4. Other more “traditional” piping solutions such as copper and iron typically have an expectancy of 30 years.

  5. Stainless steel materials are environmentally friendly.
  6. This means at the end of the pipe’s lifetime, all materials are 100% recyclable and safe for reuse.

  7. Stainless steel systems do not require painting.
  8. With a look that can easily mesh with most interior and architectural designs, stainless steel saves time and money when it comes to the painting department.

  9. Heat is not needed to join stainless steel pipes.
  10. This means a hot work permit is not required, making the installation process quicker and smoother.

    Stainless Steel Manifold


  11. Stainless steel can withstand very high flow rates of over 40m/s.
  12. Being able to withstand these high flow rates means less of a chance that pipes will leak over time.

  13. Very little maintenance, if any, is required after installation.
  14. Minimal installation equals long-term cost savings for the complete life of the piping system.

  15. Stainless steel fittings are ideal for installations in tight spaces.
  16. With the unique Linkplus bump joint joining method, minimal tools are required and stainless pipes are able to be used for applications where they otherwise wouldn’t.

Lifecycle Performance & Costs

The common theme that holds true throughout these 8 benefits is that stainless steel pipes are easier to install, perform better over time and are better for the consumer (pure water) and the environment (fully recyclable). While it certainly may be possible to get other piping materials such as copper or plastic at cheaper prices, over the long haul it just no longer makes sense.