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Custom Design Heating Service

Heating system design services based on industry-leading knowledge and experience

In NRG Awareness we use our extensive knowledge and experience to design the best possible heating system for each client. Our systems are designed around the needs of the individual client and the designs are based on scientific calculation and system modelling. This applies to the projects we do for both commercial and private customers.

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We Offer Custom Heating Solutions for All Heating System Needs
PRODUCTS & SERVICES with a Proven Track Record
Succeed with Reliable Experience

With over 100 years of combined team experience in the heating industry, NRG Awareness personnel have a long-established record of successful projects to their credit.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal

We understand customers’ needs and with an up-to-date familiarity with existing and innovative new products and services in system design and development of energy-efficient comfort-generating control systems, boiler management and heat emission technologies.

Full Range of Domestic/Commercial Services

The NRG team’s unique capabilities are ideal for providing vital customer-oriented design service assistance to focus installations on thermal satisfaction in new build and retrofit heating system design.

Installation Support and Technical Guidance

NRG provides the critical consulting and knowledge transfer services in new-design and upgrading all forms of heating systems to new and established players in the main phases of Proposal/Quotations materials; System Design; and Installation support phases of heating and Hot Water projects.

Complete Heating System Project Management

The NRG Awareness team can provide essential experience, technology and expertise required by the owners and installers alike at each stage of the central heating project from quotation and design to installation stages to maximise the system’s return on investment and satisfaction.

Reducing System Installation and Running Costs

Working with NRG Awareness concentrates the project installation team on investment in each stage’s critical tasks and maximising effectiveness. We work collaboratively with each of the client’s selected installers to ensure focus on the essential aspects of each phase of the project development process with customer satisfaction and energy awareness as the ultimate goals.

Phase 1:  System Proposal Support

The proposal phase is a critical aspect of a project when we help owners select the most appropriate energy-effective heating system and equipment to suit their expectations. We advise on financial and technology choices decisions during this period, focusing on end-user satisfaction and energy effectiveness.

Phase 2:  Project Development with Installer Information

With the heating method and equipment now selected, we can help decide the selection of installation contractors, refine, and perfect the preliminary designs, and review primary options to maximise the chosen contractor’s understanding to provide appropriate guidance with technical system support. Following a final review of the initial design, project development and preparation to complete the project, the NRG Awareness team works closely with the installers to ensure proper design implementation and work coordination.

Phase 3:  Installation Support Phase

Completion of Phase 1 & 2 signifies the readiness to begin the installation of the Heating System. The installation phase’s support focuses on the key aspects of the works and supervision of the Electrical, Controls & Plumbing installations works.

During this phase, NRG Awareness provides critical consulting for core skills and resource planning required to implement the plan developed in Phase 2 successfully.

Phase 4:  End User Training & Support

Following the completion of the installation, NRG Awareness works closely with the end-user to provide the best possible understanding of the complete system and controls, assisting the end-user in the correct operation of the controls, considering occupancy lifestyle and other parameters.

Control Panels and System Controls Equipment

NRG Awareness’s comprehensive suite of high-performance products and services are some of the best in the business. Our expert and experienced staff have developed a wide range of capabilities to provide solutions for every requirement our customers may have.

NRG Awareness's core building science service is the place to start!

We identify all the potential sources of high energy consumption, health and comfort issues and potential safety hazards. We use state of the art tools and equipment to make certain that the solutions we provide will work to our customers complete satisfaction and much more. We also include a customized, comprehensive report with cost effective recommendations together with our initial consultation.

Energy Efficient Heating System Control Strategy and Design

Heating can account for more than half of a typical home’s energy use, so upgrading your heating and cooling efficiency makes sense and can save money. Making sure the system is designed and installed properly and operates accordingly is therefore a crucial element of the running cost and comfort of your home or place of work. – for example, if NRG Awareness has calculated the exact requirements of your boiler and hot water requirement, we can often reduce the size and cost of all your heating appliances, reduce energy consumption, and still have your running costs and year-round comfort improved, often as much as 30% and more.

NRG Commercial Pods

The NRG Modular Boiler house, is a custom heating design solution. These can be specially ordered for particular projects with a view to upgrading existing installations where a reduction in complexity, speed of installation, maximum improvement to energy efficiency and performance is required.


Commercial Heating Design Service

  • Custom System Design
  • Project Management
  • 3D Modeling
  • Custom NRG Zone Manifold
  • Building Management System
  • Remote Monitoring
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Domestic Heating Design Service

  • Custom System Design
  • Project Management
  • Custom NRG Zone Manifold for larger jobs
  • Air to Water Heat Pumps
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Low-Temperature Radiators
  • SR:50 Compliant Calculations for the BER report
  • Heating System Controls
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