Sea Box Energy Hydronic Intermodal Solution

The Sea Box Energy Hydronic Intermodal Solution is custom built for Hospitality, Medical, Commercial and Military Applications

This ideal solution is easily shipped to any location worldwide – Cost effective, trouble free installation with full technical support.

The Sea Box Energy Hydronic Intermodal Solution is a central heating solution designed as a cost-effective and highly energy efficient means to provide for both heating and domestic hot water supplies in any new-build or retrofit central heating project.

It caters for a rapid on-site installation of the core system elements that are essential to satisfy the requirements for a good central heating facility in a uniquely simple and safe way, eliminating all of the hassles typically involved from system concept decisions through to implementation stage with a special emphasis on user-friendliness and minimum maintenance issues.

At the heart of the plant is the Sea Box patented and highly innovative technology that is structured to receive incoming central heating and fresh water supplies which is then processed by the integral equipment to output accurate weather compensated central heating circuits and temperature controlled domestic hot water.

Energy Management System Control Panel

An energy management system control panel regulates how the heated input is used by monitoring the incoming and outgoing water temperatures as required. On the central heating side the panel will modulate its temperature output to match time and temperature set points as well as weather conditions to ensure minimal energy usage and maximum ambient comfort. Every electric component is covered by the automatic control method but the panel also includes manual override facilities to cater for any unforeseen controls circumstances.

The incoming energy is also used to heat the freshwater to provide the necessary domestic hot water requirements. The DHW is stored in two integral 3500 L densely insulated indirect calorifiers at a high temperature to maximise volume output and prevent any bacterial contamination. The insulation standard is capable of maintaining the stored volume to within 5°F in a 24-hour period.

The stored hot water is then passed to thermostatic mixing valves that reduce the temperature to safe usable levels as it is being delivered upwards by mixing the stored hot water with the incoming freshwater for precise regulation of the delivered temperature with an integral anti-scald mechanism to guarantee safe operation. The domestic hot water system also incorporates a highly effective recirculation process that will maintain the stored water temperature at a minimum cost while still having hot water available at the plumbing outlets when needed.

The DHW calorifiers contain rapid heat exchange coils with the potential to completely recover the total 7000 litre contents to full temperature within one hour if the supply input temperature has that energy content.

The system’s concepts are well proven and comply with good practice and effective design technologies used throughout the heating industry. The Sea Box Hydronic Intermodal Solution has thousands of potential applications ranging from; commercial property installations to educational institutions, hotels and industrial applications. The system can easily be assessed to be the most cost effective method known to create superlative heating system performance with the added benefit of decreasing the intended systems complexity and installation time with minimal running and maintenance costs.

Sea Box Energy – Our Guarantee

“At Sea Box Energy we believe that design is the most important factor to consider when choosing a reliable system configuration to satisfy environmental concerns as well as economy and comfort for the end users. The Sea Box Hydronic Intermodal Solution is second to none in the marketplace with patented, logical and dependable technologies constructed with professional care to ensure ease of installation and maximum performance with minimum effort.”