WI-577 Pressure Gauge

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WI-577 pressure gauges

The WI-557 pressure gauges are suitable for use in domestic and commercial heating systems. Our standard pressure gauges can handle a pressure range from 0 to 4 bar, up to 10 bar can be supplied if necessary. The gauges have a compact design with back connection and a black case manufactured from ASB polymer. They come with a bright red indicator pointer that can be manually adjusted by a screwdriver to indicate the desired pressure or set pressure of a safety valve or pressure reducing valve. All gauges have a brass ¼” parallel male threaded connection complying with BS EN ISO 228. They also have a square section adjacent to the thread for ease of installation. The working temperature range is -20˚C to 90˚C.

Designed to BS EN 837-1 ‘Pressure gauges. Bourdon tube pressure gauges. Dimensions, metrology, requirements and testing’.

RoHS Directive compliant.


Technical Documentation

WI_557 Pressure Gauge Datasheet