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Range of high-quality butterfly valves with tight sealing. Fits PN 6, PN 10 and PN 16 flanges. Butterfly disc made of stainless steel.

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• For cutting off and regulating water and low-pressure steam up to 110 °C
• Butterfly valve with 3-way brass bearing bush as spindle bearing
• Fits PN 6, PN 10 and PN 16 flanges
• Can be combined with motorised actuators of the ADM 322 and A44W type or damper actuators with spring return of the ASM 124, 134 and ASF 122, 123 type
• Damper body made of grey cast iron
• Collar made of ethylene-propylene rubber
• Butterfly disc made of stainless steel
• Spindle made of stainless steel with two O-rings


DEF025F200DN2536 KvsPN6 /PN16, Flanges
DEF032F200DN3240 KvsPN6 /PN16, Flanges
DEF040F200DN4050 KvsPN6 /PN16, Flanges
DEF050F200DN5085 KvsPN6 /PN16, Flanges
DEF065F200DN65215 KvsPN6 /PN16, Flanges
DEF080F200DN80420 KvsPN6 /PN16, Flanges
DEF100F200DN100800 KvsPN6 /PN16, Flanges
DEF125F200DN1251010 KvsPN6 /PN16, Flanges
DEF150F200DN1502100 KvsPN6 /PN16, Flanges
DEF200F200DN2004000 KvsPN6 /PN16, Flanges


Temperature Range-10…130°C
PN RatingPN16
Leakage Rate<0.0001% of Kvs
Valve CharacteristicLinear

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