Sauter – 3 Port Ball Valve


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3-way regulating ball valve for continuous control of cold and hot water in closed circuits. This range of ballvalve has an equal-percentage characteristic thanks to the control contour integrated directly in the ball. The characteristic can be set with SUT rotary actuator (SAUTER Universal Technology) to linear or quadratic.

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• 3-way regulating ball valve for continuous control of cold and hot water in closed circuits
• As a control unit in combination with valve actuators AKM105(S), 115(S) and AKF112, 113(S)
• Control contour integrated directly in the ball
• Control passage characteristic can be set to linear or quadratic with SUT rotary actuator
• Low torque due to collar mounted on O-ring
• Spindle with large sliding surface and PTFE ring
• Ball valve with female thread as per ISO 7/1 Rp or NPT
• Body made of DZR (dezincification resistant) cast brass
• Spindle made of DZR brass with PTFE glide ring
• Ball made of DZR brass, chrome-plated and polished surface
• Spindle seal with double O-ring made of EPDM
• Strainer and screw fitting available as accessories
• Water quality as per VDI 2035
• French drinking water certification ACS


BKR015F320-FFDN154 Kvs1/2″ Female
BKR020F310-FFDN206.3 Kvs3/4″ Female
BKR025F310-FFDN2510 Kvs1″ Female
BKR032F310-FFDN3216 Kvs1 1/4″ Female
BKR040F310-FFDN4025 Kvs1 1/2″ Female
BKR050F310-FFDN5040 Kvs2″ Female


Temperature Range-10…130°C
Leakage Rate0.001% of Kvs
PN RatingPN40


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