Sauter 2 Port Unit Valve MxM


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2 port threaded unit valves for regulation of heating zones, air secondary-treatment units and fan coil units. Ideally suited for zoning in schools and light commercial applications.

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• Regulation of heating zones, air secondary-treatment units and fan coil units in combination with
AXT 211, AXS 215S or AXM 217(S)
• Flat-sealing standard version or version with clamping-ring screw fitting for pipe Ø 15 mm with
DN 10
• Valve with male thread as per DIN/EN ISO 228-1, class B
• Stuffing box can be replaced under system pressure
• Control passage A–AB is closed when the spindle is moved in
• Closing against the pressure
• Valve body made of nickel-plated cast brass for DN 10 and gunmetal for DN 15 and DN 20
• Plug with EPDM soft seal
• Stainless-steel spindle
• Stuffing box with double O-ring seal

Technical Data

Type Nominal diameter kvs value Connection Weight
VUL010F340DN 100.16 m³/hG½” B0.19 kg
VUL010F330DN 100.4 m³/hG½” B0.18 kg
VUL010F320DN 100.63 m³/hG½” B0.18 kg
VUL010F310DN 101 m³/hG½” B0.18 kg
VUL010F300DN 101.6 m³/hG½” B0.18 kg
VUL015F310DN 152.5 m³/hG¾” B0.28 kg
VUL015F300DN 153.5 m³/hG¾” B0.28 kg
VUL020F300DN 204.5 m³/hG1″ B0.33 kg
VUL010F630DN 100.4 m³/hClamping ring vers.
Ø15 mm
0.18 kg
VUL010F620DN 100.63 m³/hClamping ring vers.
Ø15 mm
0.18 kg


Temperature Range2…120°C
Actuator ConnectionM30 x 1.5
PN RatingPN16
Connection TypeMale BSP


Technical Documentation

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