Bespoke NRG Zone Manifold Made to Order


NRG Zone made to order with any size and number of Zones and/or Boiler Connections plus Ancillary Device Ports.

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Made to Order

NRG Awareness can make custom NRG ZONE manifolds to meet the exact criteria of the end user. The size of the systems where these custom manifolds can be used ranges from a couple of kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts. They can be made to supply a single zone or dozens of zones; it is all up to the end user. The custom manifolds can even have sockets on the front and back of them to fit any boiler house for optimal space utilization.

These customized NRG ZONES are perfect for big dwellings and commercial jobs, be it retrofits or new builds. For new builds, the NRG ZONE can be designed together with the heating system to reduce system complexity, save space, and improve system efficiency and reliability. In retrofits, the NRG ZONE can be designed to easily connect with the existing pipework, and it has the potential to greatly improve the existing system’s efficiency, performance and reliability. The NRG ZONE can even be made in stainless steel to improve the resistance to corrosion and greatly increase the manifold’s lifetime.

More information on the NRG ZONE 4, 5, 6 manifolds can be found here.

Contact NRG Awareness today and our engineering team will be happy to assist you in designing a bespoke NRG ZONE manifold to fit your needs.


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