NRG ZONE 4, 5 – 32/32/28


The New NRG ZONE 5 32/32/28 patented manifold is used at the centre of any central heating system and allows for rapid system construction, total flexibility, complete reliability and ultimate cost effectiveness in both system running costs and installation in any new-build or retrofit central heating project.

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The NRG ZONE 4 32/32/28 and the NRG ZONE 5 32/32/28 provides all the same benefits as the NRG ZONE 4 and 5. The only difference is that the 3 sockets on each side are 1¼” (32mm) female iron fittings instead of 1″ (28mm).

By increasing these sockets from 1″ to 1¼” the flow through these sockets can be increased by 56.25% per socket. This means that the 32/32/28 manifolds are able to handle systems with substantially higher heating outputs.

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NRG ZONE 4 32/32/28, NRG ZONE 5 32/32/28


  NRG Zone 4 32/32/28 NRG Zone 5 32/32/28
Length [mm] 375 525
Width [mm] 150 150
Height [mm] 320 320
Material Mild Steel Mild Steel
Number of direct zones 2 3
Connections 3×1″ female iron fittings
6x 1¼” female iron fittings
4x 1″ male iron fittings
3x 1″ female iron fittings
6x 1¼” female iron fittings
6x 1″ male iron fittings
Threads BSP BSP
Operating temperature 5°C to 95°C 5°C to 95°C
Maximum Pressure Tested to 5 Bar Tested to 5 Bar

Technical Documents

NRG Zone Training and Installation Manual