PumpsLowara Ecocirc M 25-6/130

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Lowara Ecocirc m 25-6/130 is a 1″ pump with 6m head and 130mm distance from port to port

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Ecocirc – a smarter choice

The Lowara Ecocirc circulation pumps are designed for water circulation in heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water systems. With 14 models and multiple control modes, the new Ecocirc range offers a smarter choice in the residential circulators market by combining high efficiency, simplicity and reliability in a single cost-effective package. Compact and easy to install, all models feature a unique “one turn” knob to set up control modes and speed settings. An interchangeable plug connection, automatic air-purge and a multicolour LED come as standard. The full Ecocirc range reaches an EEI level ≤ 0.18.

The pump can be used for:

Refurbishment or extension of existing systems
Facilities fitted with thermostatic valves
Single-family houses or apartment buildings
Underfloor heating systems



Best-in-class energy efficiency (EEI ≤0.18)
ECM motor for intelligent speed control
Up to 80% lower power consumption
Optimized hydraulics


Multifunctional “one turn” knob
Compact and easy to install


Robust proven design
Dry-run protection
Warnings and alarms visualization


Insulation shell as standard

Product Features

  • High efficiency pumps with ECM-technology and permanent magnet rotor
  • Low power consumption
  • EEI ≤0.18
  • Control modes:
    • Proportional Pressure
    • Constant Pressure
    • Constand Speed
  • Automatic “air purge”
  • Plug
  • Insulation shell
  • Head: up to 6 m

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