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The series VTC500 is a thermic valve used for solid fuel boilers up to 150 kW. The load valve makes sure that the boiler gets up to a high combustion temperature so as to ensure the lowest possible emissions. Above all, the valves make sure that the return temperature to the boiler is kept high and guaranteed over the entire combustion cycle which enables a higher level of boiler efficiency, reduced tarring and increased life span of the boiler.

Technical Data

VTC-5102010091″ BSP50
VTC-5102020091″ BSP55
VTC-5102030091″ BSP60
VTC-5102110091″ BSP65
VTC-5102040091″ BSP70
VTC-5102050091″ BSP75
VTC-51020600141 1/4″ BSP50
VTC-51020700141 1/4″ BSP55
VTC-51020800141 1/4″ BSP60
VTC-51021200141 1/4″ BSP65
VTC-51020900141 1/4″ BSP70
VTC-51021000141 1/4″ BSP75


Max Temperaure110°C
Max Diff Pressure100kPA
Leakage Rate A-ABMax 1% of Kvs
Leakage Rate B-ABMax 3% of Kvs

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