Heat Pumps


The NRG Heat Pumps are split system air to water heat pumps. An air to water heat pump takes the energy from the outside air and uses it to heat the water in the heating system. This water is then used to heat the building, usually by the means of radiators or underfloor. A split system heat pump is a heat pump that has an outdoor unit for collecting the energy from the outside air and an indoor unit where the energy is transferred to the water in the heating system.

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Save on heating costs by adding a heat pump to your existing heating system.

Hot water generation is a key part of any system, especially a domestic one.

The majority of specified systems incorporate the hot water and heating into a single unit. At NRG we separate the hot water from the heating system.

NRG Heat Pumps

Designed For a Cold Climate

The NRG Heat Pumps are designed for the colder Nordic climate and should have no problem with even the coldest of Irish winters. One of the reasons why it is able to retain such high performance even in cold weather is because of the split system approach. The outdoor and indoor units are connected by pipes carrying a special refrigerant, and it is not until the refrigerant enters the indoor unit that the heat exchange happens. This means that there is no water present outside that can freeze and thereby damage the heat pump during cold weather. During power outages water will stop circulation, meaning any water that left outside in a non-split system could freeze. Another benefit of the split system is that the heat losses from the circulation pump or heat exchanger are internal gains, meaning that they help heat the building instead of being lost to the outside.

Top Class Defrosting

A common problem for any heat pumps is that frost collects on the outside unit. This happens because energy is collected from the outside air. When energy is taken from the outside air the temperature decreases and there is a risk of frost forming on the outside heat exchanger. If the exchanger is covered in ice it will not be able to extract energy from the outside air as efficiently. The NRG Heat Pumps are coated with special nanoparticles to prevent ice formation. When ice eventually does form the NRG Defrost Program ensures that the defrosting happens quickly and only for the time needed to remove all the ice. The coating and NRG Defrost Program ensures minimum downtime and maximises efficiencies.

Automatic Heat Control

The NRG Heat Pumps automatically adjusts their output based on the outside temperature and the heat demand of the customer. This is thanks to their built-in sensors and inverter control which adjusts the speed of the compressor.

Connecting with Existing Systems

The NRG Heat Pumps are designed to be able to connect with existing heating systems. They can even be used in tandem with existing heat sources like oil and gas boilers. When doing this the heat pump will cover the continuous base load, while the boiler will be able to assist the heat pump when during peak hours or on extra cold days when the demand for energy is very high. This will ensure that the heat pump will run most of the time, reducing energy bills and environmental impact, while the boiler can help out when needed to ensure maximum comfort. The NRG ZONE makes the job of combining heat pumps and boilers simple and ensures maximum performance of both appliances. With the assistance of the NRG Link, the heat pump can even be combined with a solid fuel stove.

Quick Connect

The NRG Heat Pumps can be delivered with an optional quick connect system for connecting the refrigeration pipes between the indoor and outdoor units. The quick connect system means that the pipes, indoor and outdoor unit are pre-filled with refrigerant and vacuum sealed. If this option is not chosen only the outside units is pre-filled and vacuum sealed while the pipes and indoor units have to be filled and sealed by the installer.

Additional information

Heat Pump

NRG Heat Pump Split System 9kw, NRG Heat Pump Split System 11kw, 300l NRG Tilo with coil, 300l NRG Tilo no coil


Model AWH9-V5+ AWH11-V5+
Max. Heating Capacity (1) kW 10,10 11,5
Max. Cooling Capacity(3) kW 6,84 9,2
Max. Heating Capacity(2) kW 9,53 10,7
C.O.P Min./Max.(1) W/W 4.02 / 4.65 3.82/5.05
Energy Class A++ A++
SCOP – Average climate low temperature W/W 3,99 3,92
Heating Power Input Min./Max.(1) W 975/2153 915/3029
Heating power input Min./Max.(2) W 1230/ 2990 1218/3624
Defrost upon demand Yes Yes
Heating cable for defrosting Yes Yes
Compressor pre-heat
Yes Yes
Electronic expansion valve Yes Yes
A-class circulation pump Yes Yes
Compressor Type-Quantity System Panasonic Twin Rotary / 1
Fan Quantity 1 1
Airflow m3/h 3000 3100
Rated power W 76 76
Noise Level Indoor / Outdoor db (A) 43/62 45/65
Heat Exchanger Type Plate Heat Exchanger Plate Heat Exchanger
Water Pressure Drop kPa 23 23
Piping Connection Inch 3/8” ~ 1/2 3/8” ~ 1/2”
Allowable Water Flow Min./Rated./Max. L/S 0.26 / 0.43 / 0.51 0.31 / 0.52 / 0.62
Dimension (LxDxH) Outdoor Unit mm 0.31 / 0.52 / 0.62 1044x414x763
Indoor Unit mm 380×256.7×580
Net Weight Outdoor Unit Kg 62,5 75
Indoor Unit Kg 23
Outdoor Temp. range Heating °C -25~45
Cooling °C 0~55
Inlet water temp. range °C 10~50
Residual current device and overvoltage protection
Power supply, grounded V/Hz/A 230 V, 50 Hz, 16 A 230 V, 50 Hz, 16 A

(1) Heating condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 30 °C/35°C, Ambient temperature: DB 7 °C /WB 6 °C

(2) Heating condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 40°C/45°C, Ambient temperature: DB 7 °C /WB 6 °C

(3) Cooling condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 23°C/18 °C, Ambient temperature: DB 35 °C /WB24 °C