Fujitsu Waterstage High Power Series – Split type – 11-14 kW


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Powerful Heating

High Power models realize high leaving water temperature and high heating capacity even at low ambient temperature by newly developed “Linear Control Injection Technology”. It is possible to provide high water temperature and warm rooms in cold regions.

High Leaving Water Temperature

High leaving water temperature 60°C kept down to -20°C outdoor temperature without using a backup heater

* If you want to raise the hot water supply temperature, the backup heater can be used for the auxiliary operation.

Extended Operation Range Down to -25°C

Improved operation range down to -25°C outdoor temperature

High COP

Energy efficiency is improved by the linear Control Injection Technology and the optimization of refrigerant cycle control. High Power model realizes high performance and high efficiency by adopting twin sensors and control technology corresponding to hot water heating.

Fujitsu High Power Split 11-14 kW - COP Graph
A7W35 condition

Strong & Powerful Heating Capacity

Keeping the rated heating capacity at -15°C outdoor temperature.

Fujitsu High Power Split 11-14 kW - Heating Capacity

Comfort Control

A program adjusts the hot water temperature automatically in advance based on the outdoor temperature, so the hot water temperature can be controlled so that the temperature setting is maintained constantly.

Automatic heating curve operation

Automatic heating curve control based on outdoor temp and room temperature setting.

Quick recovery from defrost operation

Maintaining the room temperature during defrost operation by boost start operation


If the cooling operation function is set, the system can automatically switch to cooling or heating, depending on the outdoor temperature to provide all-season comfortable air conditioning.

Backup heater operation

The backup heater can operate at a low outdoor temperature so that comfortable status can be maintained. The backup heater is controlled intelligently just as a security backup for very cold days/nights and only activated when really necessary.

Programmable Timer

• The setting of timer operation can easily be adjusted.
• Changing the heating mode linked with time is possible.
• The day-weekly timer can be set up for up to 3 times per day.
• Allows separate settings for each day of the week.
• The holiday timer can be set up for up to 8 periods
• If you are absent for a long time in the winter, freezing of room can be prevented.

Less CO2 Emissions

This environmentally-friendly system substantially reduces CO2 emissions compared to conventional gas and hydrocarbons combustion.

Waterstage CO2 Emissions

Low Running Costs

Running cost is low and economical by high-efficiency heat pump technology.

Waterstage annual running costs
*The values may vary depending on installation, location, and operating conditions.

Clean and Healthy

Since burners are unnecessary, NOx and other harmful substances are not generated.

Waterstage Environmentally Friendly

Easy Installation and Maintenance

All components are built into a compact outdoor unit or hydraulic indoor unit. A sophisticated arrangement of hydraulic units, allows easy piping and maintenance 

Waterstage Low Maintenance


Capacity Hydraulic Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit Low Temperature Output
(Prated – EN14825)
Medium Temperature Output
(Prated – EN14825)
11 kW WSYG140DG6 WOYG112LCTA 11 kW 9 kW
14 kW WSYG140DG6 WOYG140LCTA 13 kW 11 kW

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