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Ultra-compact magnetic filter suitable for under boiler installation the filter includes a high performance 13,000 gauss internal removable magnet and fully rotational body. The Dirtmag Mini™ has a quick-fit system and interchangeable compression connections for horizontal, vertical or angled installation. A unique self-cleaning function allows installers to drain debris from the system without opening the filter body and the full bore isolation valves ensure ease of servicing.

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The Dirtmag Mini magnetic filter, dirt separator and strainer separate the impurities in hydraulic heating systems to protect the boiler circulator and heat exchangers. It consists of two filters: a magnet and a 0.80 mm mesh filter.

The Dirtmag Mini magnetic filter and strainer separates and captures debris in the system thanks to the combined action of the strainer and dirt separator.

The fluid inside the system slows down in the large collection chamber, allowing smaller particles to collect.

Ferrous particles are captured inside the body, thanks to the action of the removable magnet.

Larger particles are trapped inside the strainer screen. The special profile of the bottom allows the impurities to be captured and drained effectively.

The compact design of this dirt separator strainer is ideal for installation under wall boilers, even in small spaces. The special inlet layout allows for vertical or horizontal installation, with angled or in-line connections as required.

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