ATA212 – Draught Regulator

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The draught regulator is a control device intended to regulate the temperature of solid fuel-fired boilers by adjusting the air supply.

56001100 – 3/4″ – 35–95C°

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The ESBE draught regulator series ATA212 is an independent thermostatic expansion control device intended to regulate the temperature of solid fuel fired boilers by adjusting the air supply. No electrical wiring or complicated fitting is required. The thermostatic control head senses the boiler temperature and through a lever and chain adjusts the position of the air vent, thereby regulating the combustion air supply to the boiler. The ESBE draught regulator is fully adjustable within the ranges of 35-95°C and 60-95°C. The draught regulator is connected directly to the boiler waterway through a threaded immersion pocket.


The draught regulator series ATA212 may be mounted either horizontally or vertically (knob upwards). The chain should be connected from the lever to the air vent so that it just closes as the required temperature has been reached.

Service and Maintenance

The draught regulator series ATA212 does not normally
require any maintenance. However, if needed, the thermostatic
capsule may be replaced after first removing the regulator
from the immersion pocket.


Regulating range: 35–95°C
Chain length: 1,6 m
Lifting force: 10 N
Lifting stroke: 55 mm
Connections: External thread (G), ISO 228/1
Conformity: PED 2014/68/EU, article 4.3
Max. working temperature: 100 °C
Material, Metal parts: Steel
Surface treatment: Zinc plated

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