1″ Filter Ball Valve

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Ball valve with a built-in filter and 1″ female connections.

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With changes in building construction, there is a continual requirement for more compact and multi-functional valves. Our filter ball valve combines the function of a ball isolating valve with the benefit of a 0.5mm (500 μm) strainer/ filter to meet these requirements.

The filter ball valve is the ideal compact valve for use with appliances requiring regular maintenance along with the protection from dirty water supplies which may affect their performance. The length of the filter element is almost twice that of similar filter ball valves allowing for longer periods between emptying and reducing the frequency of clogging.

Out standard filter ball valves have 1” female threads, but we can supply filter ball valves from ½” to 2” on request.


Construction Details

Component Material  Grade
Body Brass – chrome plated BS EN 12165 CW617N
End Connections Brass – chrome plated BS EN 12165 CW617N
Ball Seat PTFE
Ball Brass – chrome plated BS EN 12165 CW617N
Stem Brass BS EN 12164 CW614N
Stem Seals NBR and FKM
Filter Stainless steel & nylon AISI 304
Cap Brass BS EN 12164 CW614N
Cap Seal NBR
Lever Steel – zinc plated, plastic cover


Technical Data

Max. Pressure 30 bar
Max. Temperature 140 °C
Working temp. Range  -20 to 100 °C
Strainer Mesh Size 500 μ / 0.5 mm
Thread Ends BS EN ISO 228 -1
Thread size 1″ Female
Kv Value 5.97








G1 70 20 39 51 100

Technical Documentation

124_600 CST Filter Ball Valve Datasheet