NRG ZONE System Diagram
NRG ZONE SystemNRG ZONE system  is a rapid Heating System design & construction method available with total flexibility to incorporate all types of heating equipment, designed for complete reliability and ultimate energy and cost effectiveness in any new-build or retrofit heating project. The system’s uniquely patented features are well proven and comply with good practice and effective design technologies from standard system configurations throughout the heating industry. NRG ZONE products are totally versatile allowing for safe and efficient system construction using oil, gas, solid fuel and renewable energy sources such as heat pumps as well as CHP equipment.

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  • Greatly Simplifies Heating System Designs
  • Creates Exceptional System Efficiences
  • Isolates Return Water for Better Condensation
  • Connections for Expansion Vessel and Filling
  • Connections for Open Expansion & Cold Feed
  • Connection Points for Independent Heating Zones
  • Connections Point for System Temperature Sensor
  • Provides Uniform Flow Temperature to All Zones
  • Provides an Unobstructed Boiler Bypass
  • Built in Air Separation/Removal Mechanism
  • Standard Units are Pre-Insulated
  • Dynamic Flow & Return System Bypass
  • Interconnectable to Add More Boilers or Zones
  • Reduces the Cost of Good Installations
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