NRG Awareness – The Story

NRG Awareness Team SEAI Award - IRISH FIRM TO CREATE 70
NRG Awareness is a specialist home heating company offering off-the-shelf solutions to reduce costs for homeowners and businesses alike. Environmentally friendly and highly economical, the company guarantees patented products for life, that are proven to significantly cut customer’s heating bills.

NRG Awareness was started by Cork plumber Harry Rea 20 years ago when Harry was working as a plumber in his native Cork. His mission was to come up with ways to make home heating more efficient, and he took the company to the next level in 2005 when joined by his son David. David brought vital engineering expertise having completed his Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cork Institute of Technology.

The company helps its customers reduce their home and commercial heating bills by up to 60% by offering a ‘hands on’ approach and minimising energy waste. NRG Awareness works directly with customers, while also partnering with hundreds of plumbers around the country. The company has a number of key patented products including NRG ZONE and NRG LINK, with other patents pending.

NRG Awareness directly employs 7 people, and this is expected to increase to 30 people by the end of next year. In addition to this, the company works with 150 plumbers on a regular basis around the country and this is also expected to increase to 500 by the end of 2019. By the end of 2019 NRG Awareness estimates that it will have sold approx. 6,000 units, which is expected to grow to 20,000 by the end of 2020. The company predicts it will have a turnover of €5 million by the end of 2020.

From its headquarters outside Cork City, NRG Awareness has worked with numerous leading commercial businesses and enterprises in Ireland, including a number of community hospitals in the Munster region. Those hospitals have seen their heating bills reduced by 40% per annum as a result.

NRG Awareness’ unique NRG ZONE system is a simple, creative way of heating homes and businesses, with each system designed specifically to individual premises. NRG ZONE is a rapid heating system design-and-construction method that can be adapted to all types of heating equipment in either new builds or retrofits. NRG Awareness also specialises in bespoke containerised heating systems for large commercial premises.

NRG Awareness begins by giving something away for free – advice. Their dedicated heating specialists carry out a “Heating Health Check” to assess the existing heating system, with the aim of saving the customer as much money as possible on their heating bills. NRG Awareness can then act as a ‘one stop shop’ for sourcing, installing and maintaining the future energy needs of the home or business.

NRG Awareness Project Management

One of the many products used by the company is the patented ‘Heating System in a Box’ which was designed by Harry and David in 2015. The system is easy to install and works by heating homes by zone. The technology is the next generation of a previous invention by Harry, System Zone, which was amongst the first products of its kind to allow for zoned heating.

While the name may have changed over the years, saving money and efficiency have always been at the heart of what NRG Awareness does. In January 2014 the company rebranded to NRG Awareness and was acquired by Sea Box EMEA in September 2016. Harry and David remain heavily involved in the running of the company, and have been joined by Patrick Hogan, Managing Director of Sea Box EMEA, who serves as Managing Director of NRG Awareness. Harry is also involved with the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), advising on regulations to improve standards across the industry.

The company has recently turned its attention to the export market and has plans for exporting to the UK, USA and Europe.

NRG Awareness, Managing Director, Patrick Hogan said: “At NRG Awareness it is our aim to ensure we make heating homes and businesses as efficiently and cost-effectively for our customers as possible. The NRG Awareness product range and service model was developed with an understanding that not all clients will have the same requirements.”

He added: “We have significant plans for growth over the coming years, which will result in major investment into the Irish economy. We are excited about the future for NRG Awareness as we grow the business and create jobs in Ireland.

There are three services on offer from NRG Awareness to customers to improve their level of comfort and reduce their running costs. They can help you, they can do it with you or they can do it for you. To this end, NRG Awareness knows that the expertise of its customers vary. That is why they ensure that they are there by your side throughout the process, and saving you money on your heating bills.