Intermodal Commercial Battery Storage

The conventional electricity grid faces increased pressure and uncertainty; it’s time to prepare for a far more diverse energy market.


If energy is already one of the highest variable costs for your business, it’s likely to get worse. Pressure is mounting from:

  • Increased energy regulation
  • Potential carbon taxes
  • Grid transmission maintenance and upgrade requirements
  • Smaller user bases and higher fossil fuel costs
  • Increased use of electric vehicles
  • Heat pump technology
  • High Speed Broadband over the electricity grid

Cyber Security, Potential Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks of the Electricity Grid

Intermodal Commercial Battery Storage Container

The Intermodal Commercial Battery Storage System is the Ideal Future-Proofing Solution for Mobile Battery Requirements

  • Military
  • Large Commercial
  • Data Centers
  • Government
  • Power Suppliers

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