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At NRG AWARENESS we believe that in order to improve the heating industry it is imperative to share information

NRG Info Centre - Sharing Heating Industry Information
In this section we upload solutions to common issues faced by appliance manufacturers, system designers, installation contractors and end users alike.

The variety & efficiency of the products available to the heating industry has never been better. From condensing boilers, to high efficiency heat pumps, to back boiler stoves all the way to modulating circulating pumps, the choices are endless.

So why are so many systems failing to achieve their true potential in real life conditions? The answer is simple – “Knowhow”

While the products available on the market have drastically evolved over the years, installation methods have not. The fact is that standard installation methods lead to complex & problematic systems when incorporating such technologies. Add to this the knowledge and skill required to integrate these technologies into existing systems of any size & even more issues come to light.

What is needed by the industry are a number simple products which do not require installation contractors to greatly increase their knowledge base and that will create the conditions in which each individual energy efficient product can operate to its maximum potential. These products should come with easy to follow installation instructions, a library of installation schematics, educational video tutorials & a full technical/customer service department. You might think that this kind of service is idealistic but this is exactly what we at NRG AWARENESS do.

1. Open & Sealed Systems

It is always recommended to over-size a system expansion vessel to avoid later problems. The point of connection of the expansion vessel into the system is important. The ‘ pressure-neutral point’ of an NRG ZONE is perfectly suitable to allow any appliance open access to the expanding system volume as the system contents heat and cool. The physical location of the vessel can be at any convenient unused port in the NRG ZONE giving maximum flexibility, or can be directly on the inlet side of the heating appliance…Read More

2. Combining 2 no. solid fuel stoves

3. Retrofitting Commercial Boiler House