Domestic Heating & Hot Water Systems

The domestic heating and hot water industry has undergone major changes in recent years.

New build home owners must now achieve Part L of the building regulation and the retrofit market is no longer content to simply patch up existing inefficient systems.

Energy efficient systems are now quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception.

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Renewable Energy Systems into Existing Homes

Over the last number of years there has been exponential growth in the retrofitting of renewable energy systems into existing homes.

While these systems look great on paper, many fail to achieve the real life effectiveness which the sales brochure promotes. At Nrg Awareness we are upfront and honest with the differing types of retrofit heating and hot water systems we supply.

When retrofitting an existing system it is paramount to identify the most suitable, cost effective solution for that particular system.

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Self Build

This growing trend has resulted from a necessary shift within the heating industry. The industry as a whole has realised the energy wastage and excessive running costs of conventional systems are no longer an option. The industry now requires greener energy effective solutions.

Consumers are no longer happy to put up with the old status quo boiler, radiator and cylinder systems. They are now seeking cost effective systems to provide them with comfort, convenience and value for money

Couple these factors with the implementation of the unyielding Part L of the building regulations and the entire landscape of the heating industry has changed.

There is a wide variety of high efficiency and renewable energy products on the market. These include, heat recovery ventilation systems (HRV), geothermal heat pumps, air source heat pumps, solid fuel stoves, condensing boilers, the choices are endless.

This trend and the availability of such an array of products have highlighted a number of issues within the industry.

Our experience has shown that there is a serious lack of heating systems and product knowledge throughout the entire industry. This problem is compounded with deficient and inaccurate advice being provided through the standard supply chains.

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