Building Management Systems

From Simple Domestic Panels to Advanced Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems Smart House
At NRG Awareness we bring our expertise in the controls industry to the design and construction of customized control panels and enclosures. These enclosures significantly decrease installation time in new and retrofit construction projects.

Our panel solution engineers have the ability to lay out, build, and implement control panels that meet any specific requirement. The objective is to provide our customers with a complete heating system solution. All NRG Awareness designs can be tailored for any requirement – from full Building Management Systems including job-specific PLC control to basic on/off control as well as system maintenance and gas alarm facilities NRG Awareness works closely with control and boiler manufacturers to assure that the quality, service and proper control functions incorporated are as good as they should be to operate the system at its peak performance.


Our building management system ensures all of your building systems – comfort controls, lighting, fire safety, security and equipment – operate together in harmony. With its innovative, IT-based infrastructure, software and wireless capabilities, our BMS coordinates and organizes all the information logically, then delivers it where and when you need it.

NRG Awareness provides State-of-the-art access control hardware and software that integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size facility.