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Harry Rea, Director of R&D and Training



  • NRG Awareness is a leader in providing value-added energy effective heating design, support services and products to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction or retrofit process.
  • We pledge to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every support team member.


  • To perform our customers’ highest quality design and support services to the best of our abilities at fair and market competitive prices.
  • To further strengthen our company’s positive reputation through repeat and referral business, emphasising customer satisfaction in all areas, including timeliness, attention to detail, and service-minded attitudes.
  • To maintain the highest competencies, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates, and customers

Empowering Industry Professionals

We instill confidence in designers and installers for impeccable heating and hot water systems

Innovation & Efficiency: Our Core

Our Roots

Independently operating from Cork, Ireland, we are a proud member of the U.S.-based SeaBox Group. This group excels in crafting customised, modular building solutions. Our track record shines with innovative products—remarkably, without a single system failure.

Responding to Global Trends

Booming economies, urbanisation, and a push for sustainable energy drive the demand for energy-efficient heating systems. Our cutting-edge solutions ensure you move away from unreliable installation practices, ensuring flawless system performance, consistently.

Our Vision of Innovation

We thrive on simplicity. Our goal is to assist professionals in seamlessly integrating the latest technologies into their designs—prioritising reliability and affordability.

Commitment to Satisfaction

Our reputation is built on a foundation of customer-centric solutions. Focused on client feedback, we're committed to exceeding expectations, always prioritising our customers' satisfaction.

Elevating Energy Solutions for Tomorrow

Industry Transformation and Demand

Rapid urbanisation, burgeoning economies, and an amplified push for sustainable energy have accelerated the demand for energy-efficient heating systems in today's market.

Advanced Heating: Precision and Performance

NRG Awareness revolutionises your space with advanced heating solutions. Say goodbye to traditional, inconsistent installation methods and welcome equipment that delivers precision, time after time.

Simplicity Meets Innovation

Our innovations are driven by a singular vision: to provide straightforward solutions. We empower installers and designers to effortlessly integrate the latest technologies, ensuring both reliability and affordability.

A Commitment to Excellence

Our ethos revolves around our clients. Anchored in customer-centric solutions for both residential and commercial sectors, we prioritise feedback. Our aim? To consistently exceed expectations and uphold our sterling reputation in the industry.



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